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What does it say about South Africa and South Africans when a foreigner can come to our country and hire locals on the street to kill his wife?

What does it say about South Africans when these locals are willing to kill an innocent woman for R15, 000? Is that how cheap life is in South Africa?

What does it say when trained policemen face a group of miners whom they blame for the hacking to death of two of their fellow policemen, shoot and kill more than 30 miners? What does it say about our country’s policemen when most of those killed were shot in the back?

Is the life of a miner so cheap especially when the CEO of Lonmin Plc earned R16, 707,711 in 2011 while the miners are striking for a living wage of R12, 500?

What does it say about our Justice system when 270 arrested miners are charged with the murder of their fellow miners?
What does it say about our democratic justice system when the lawyers for the state use an apartheid law to charge the arrested miners with murder?

What does it say about the South Africa Education System when vulnerable learners do not receive their textbooks because some politicians and some government officials steal the funds intended for the procurement of text-books? Is the education of especially the poor learners so cheap?
What does it say about some South African educators who through ill discipline, irresponsible absence from teaching duties and sexual abuse are willing to destroy the future of the most vulnerable learners in our society when they know that these poor learners are already at a disadvantage because of incompetent and corrupt government officials? Are the lives of these learners so cheap?

What does it say about South Africa when people are stoned and necklaced (a rubber tyre placed around the shoulders of the alleged of-fender and dosed with fuel before being set alight) because they allegedly stole a cell phone or a TV in some of our communities? What does it say about South Africans when this is done in public with children present? Is this how cheap life has become when a gruesome and horror act such as neck lacing receives the roaring approval of so many in our communities?

What does it say about South Africa when it is alleged in the media that the presidency over the past four years has cost the taxpayer R1 billion?
What does it say about our leaders when they are more concerned about protecting their turf and making deals to stay on the gravy train by selling their support to those who seek high office?

What does it say about our appetite and attitude to all these destructive and soul draining happenings?

Edmund Burke, Irish philosopher reportedly said: ”All it that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”

Yes, evil is triumphing because there are too few good men and women willing to stand up against the tide of anarchy, corruption, abuse, social injustice, bigotry, murderous actions and undemocratic actions orchestrated by state organs, political organisations, vigilantes and even some unions. Good men and women should stand up.

It is time to for good men and women to speak out even at the cost of being kicked out of the group or political party they belong too.

Beyers Naude stood up when the evil jackboot of apartheid was crushing the necks of those who fought it. He was rejected by the Afrikaner Establishment, their Media, Church, Academic Institutions and Cultural Organisations. Beyers Naude was one good man who was willing to speak out.

The costly price that good men and women paid to set South Africa on a democratic road, for equal rights for all and the upliftment of the poor has all but been forgotten.

The learners who were at the frontline in the fight against apartheid gave their lives so that those coming after them would not experience the same degrading and discriminating education they received
Today, it seems if their sterling and valiant sacrifice is trampled and denigrated by those who are only interested in enriching themselves at the expense of the learners and the poor.

Those good men and women who are not allowing them to be silenced need our support at local and national level. Speak out against evil wherever it comes from.


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September 2012
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